NEW: Mr.Nice Guy Vape e-cigs and more!


Ah dear patrons, it’s lazy summer days like this that I like to recline in my folding chair on the midway, watch the cotton candy clouds drift past, and daydream about all of life’s myriad possibilities. You know what would be Super-nice? Deep-fried rainbows, caramel carousels, or maybe even sabre-tooth tiger steak sandwiches? A date with the Four-legged Lady, or at very least, a working pair of x-ray spex like the kind in funnybook ads, so’s I can check out what goodies she’s hiding under those bloomers. Yowza! Well, a clown can dream, and I can still relax with some nice, cheap hooch and a smooth cigarette dangling from betwixt my fingers.

What are not so nice are the consequences of smoking: stinky duds, bad breath, and dying a slow, painful death (that last part in particular). Thankfully, Super Fun Cave’s new and nicely-priced line of Mr. Nice Guy Vape vaping gear and accessories lets me enjoy full-bodied flavor and calming nicotine without the deleterious side effects of conventional tobacco and herbal cigarettes.

First, we’ve got something that’ll make you wanna shake it loose like a bucket of juice: Mr. Nice Guy Vape E-Cig Juice! This FDA-compliant e-liquid comes in an assortment of fine flavors, such as blueberry, tobacco, watermelon, raspberry menthol, and jungle juice. And to placate that monkey on your back, this E-Cig Juice is available in varying nicotine strengths, from 0 mg all the way up to 36 mg. To enjoy this joy juice, you’re definitely going to need one of these babies–an eGo-C 650MAH E-Cig, which comes complete with a battery (good for 300 charges!), a clearomizer (a clear, refillable chamber with an atomizer, good for 4-8 weeks of use), and a USB/wall charger. Of course, should you eventually need a new clearomizer, we’ve got those, too.

For our herbal enthusiasts into safely vaping their favorite dry herbs, we’re proud to present the Vapormax I LCD Dry Vaporizer, the Cadillac of portable vaporizers. This sleek, chic, pen-sized vaporizer effectively turns the good stuff from dry herbs into cough-free vapor in rain, wind or shine, and features an LCD display to let you know when it needs a recharge.

So who sez you can’t have your funnel cake and eat it, too? Super Fun Cave lets you enjoy the finer things in life, without landing you in the joint or an oxygen tent. Stick with Mr. Mephisto, dear patrons, and you’ll be farting through silk… clown pants.



3 Comments  to  NEW: Mr.Nice Guy Vape e-cigs and more!

  1. Vapenowork says:

    Bought a mr nice guy vape ego c blister pack fir $32 + 2 e juices. Its been 2.5 weeks of fun vaping & were very pleased. Today i fill the tank click on the batt and nothing? It stopped working,battery still lights up and seems to work fine. Clearomizer i think has stopped working. My batt has 3 charges including the initial one. Ive filled the tank half way 3-4 times,using less than half the e juice bottle. This us BS! Im going back to the place i bought it tomorrow but since irs a head shop they donot fo returns. I called nice guy vape just 7 days ago and wanted to order,they ssid i had to spend $100 or more. Was going to do that,this weekend but have second thoughts now. Seems to be garbage & a waste of $32 if i cannot swap this fir another.

    • Vapenowork says:

      Just got back from exchanging my ego c. The place Hemptations reluctanly exchanged my blister. I also called mr nice vape before hand and they offered to replace it if the shop wouldnt. I havent tried the new one yet. I picked up 3 new nice vape E juices also. Cherry,rasberry & menthol. Hopefully i will be back vaping soon!

  2. Jess says:

    Mng vape is amazing with the best customer service. All clearomizer are only designed to last a few weeks, and you need to switch out atomizers it has nothing to do with there products. Mng vapes flavors are the best! And there made in the USA!!!! Vape on!