NEW Mega-Bliss Caps!


Can you see the angels above, clad in bright motley and sitting on sparkling cotton candy clouds? And can you hear the strains of sweet calliope music all around, and smell the ambrosial scent of corn dogs wafting on the breeze? What’s that, dear patron? No, I haven’t died and gone to carny heaven–I’m just grooving on these heavenly new Mega-Bliss Caps, Dark Matter’s newest and most euphoric supplement to date!

Dark Matter has made quite the name for themselves as developers of pure, safe, and highly effective supplements that are ideal for both work and leisure. Mega-Bliss caps are certainly no exception; they blend all-natural ingredients such as Schizandrol A, hordenine, and raspberry ketones to produce the most exhilarating rush of energy and mental activity, accompanied by heightened mood, awareness, and libido! Better yet, they’re safe enough that our average patron (without a preexisting heart condition or high blood pressure) can take up to 16 caps in a 24 hour period to keep the party rolling, and without any of the deleterious side effects common to many other similarly-marketed party favors.

So whether you’re soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of the sideshow, getting your groove on to some sweet trance or dubstep, or partying between the sheets, Mega-Bliss is your ticket to a mega-good time! Now, if you’ll pardon me, Mr. Mephisto hears some sick DnB beckoning to him. PLUR, dear patrons!

One Comment  to  NEW Mega-Bliss Caps!

  1. macek110 says:

    There make you rollface for 30 min, it hits you HARD, no exaggeration, if you like molly youll love this, more people need to try it, the only catch is you have to take 8-10 caps depending on how big you are, bottle says only 4 but its wrong