NEW Experience Herbal Solids and Smoking Blends!


So you say you’d like to join Mr. Mephisto’s humble carnival, dear patron? What unique talents or skills can you bring to the table? Did you earn a degree from an accredited, four-year carny college? Have you ever been fired from a cannon? Swallowed a lightbulb whole? Can you juggle, walk on stilts, walk the tightrope, and bite the heads off of live chickens–at the same time? Ho ho ho, relax. It’s alright if you don’t have any experience, we all started out in the trenches as hapless gazoonies and roustabouts. Now here, take this squeegee and apron, and get to work hosing down the peepshow booths. Keep your nose clean kid, and you’ll go far…

Speaking of experience, I think I’ll retire to my bunkhouse for a bit with some of these groovy new Experience Alternatives herbal solids and smoking blends. First, all the way from the steamy jungles of the Yucatan are two new herbal resins that are sure to mystify and delight, Mayan Dream and Mayan Fantasy. Mayan Dream (a smooth blend of extracts and concentrates of herbs, such as kava and kanna) is an incense enthusiast’s dream come true, as its potent scent induces a carefree, dreamlike state free of stress or worry. Sometimes I like to fantasize about a past life as a Mayan high priest, surveying my vast empire from atop a towering step pyramid, sacrificing virgins, the whole bit. The sweet smoke of Mayan Fantasy, an herbal solid blend of damiana, wild dagga, valerian and other sacred herbs, takes me there and back again.

What’s that you say, Mayans are “so 2012”? Fiddlesticks. For our jaded patrons who are burnt out on the same ol’ incense and smokables, Mr. Mephisto would highly recommend trying Experience’s Cahoots smoking blend. This fragrant mixture of damiana, kanna, betony, and essential oils is not only a joy to smoke all by its lonesome, but mix it up with some tasty greens for a much longer and stronger smoking experience. Definitely not for lightweights!

So how do you like your first taste of carny life? As glamorous as you imagined it to be? Once you’re done, head over to the Salt and Pepper Shakers, looks like some kid exploded out both ends. I got a good feeling about you, dear patron…