3 NEW varieties of KABOOM Kratom!

KABOOM! Watch as our amazing Human Cannonball rockets into the sky and defies death, with just a mere safety net placed on the grounds below to catch him when he lands. For this reason, our carnival’s staff must carefully calculate his trajectory before setting up the net; the slightest error could result in him crash-landing into a… plate glass window? Who the dickens left that lying about? Yes, I’ll admit that it was quite comical to watch, but for the love of PT Barnum, this is a human life we’re talking about! Hey, stop snickering!

all three kaboom kratoms

Well, it looks like ol’ HC is still alive, if just barely. It’s a good thing we stocked up on this amazing new KABOOM Kratom. To help our battered and bruised rocket man get his mind off his boo-boos, we’ll start him off with some of this pleasantly relaxing Green Malaysian with Indo Extract;  this Red Vein Borneo with Blue Lotus should help him get a good night’s sleep and peaceful dreams; and to put him in better spirits for tomorrow’s show, this energizing Maeng Da with Indo Extract should do the trick. In the meantime, clean up that broken glass and help me lug this dumpster full of used hypodermic needles onto the grounds. And for heaven’s sake, be careful not to cut yourself! If there’s one thing this carnival takes seriously, it’s safety!

2 Comments  to  3 NEW varieties of KABOOM Kratom!

  1. Kratomos says:

    Can’t wait to try this brand in the future.

    • The Fixer says:

      The blends are perfectly balanced and hit all the right notes, depending on your needs. Great new brand with some excellent ideas and damn fine kratom to boot. Can’t go wrong with that!